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Corporate Compliance & CSR

The pharmaceutical industry has many challenges to face and corporate compliance and corporate social responsibility are high on this agenda of areas which can and must improve.

In the area of corporate compliance, regulations in the US and in Europe have been tightened to ensure that pharmaceutical companies comply with the regulations and codes of conduct regarding the way in which they promote, market and sell their products to physicians, healthcare professionals and patients. In the UK, the ABPI have implemented more stringent conduct codes for its members and the new UK Bribery Act has been instituted in law.

These growing regulatory pressures alongside the need for companies to be far more transparent in their activities have stimulated a demand for many new corporate compliance jobs to be created in this growing area of the business. There has been a significant move by pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies to address corporate compliance, however, there still remains lots to do to ensure operational compliance at all levels of these companies. It will take skilled and experienced compliance professionals to fulfil these jobs and to ensure that employees are educated on the corporate compliance ethics and requirements.

Driving the right corporate compliance behaviours across the company becomes an increasingly difficult task and in a hyper-connected mobile computing and social media driven market, the challenge is made even harder.

In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are making significant strides. This drives numerous areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs, ranging from patient and market access to medicines, drug pricing, manufacturing approaches or emerging markets engagement. This has created significant recruitment demands in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and there are now good opportunities around the globe for CSR professionals to work.

Liftstream identifies this demand for skilled career professionals in the corporate compliance and corporate social responsibilities job functions by bring particular focus to helping these professional access interesting job opportunities. The strong network in the Corporate Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area enable us to effectively serve companies across the life sciences sector looking to recruit these professionals. 

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