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Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting

At Liftstream, diversity is more than a statement, it is a values system by which we operate. In delivering recruiting assignments for our clients, we select people based on merit and capability. We work constantly to challenge ourselves to look further and more broadly for experience to meet the requirements of our clients.

At Liftstream, diversity is more than just representation of gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality, sexuality, disability, education and other under-represented groups; but is about the diversity of thinking and behaviour.

We value the experience of every individual and take time to understand how this experience could be applied to the recruiting needs of our clients. This means we go beyond having candidates representative of any nominated diverse group, instead focusing on inclusiveness where everyone is appreciated for their experience and what they can contribute to a team.  

To do this, we must confront inherent biases, conscious and unconscious, to ensure that our clients get the most comprehensive and diverse candidate field assessments.

Furthermore, Liftstream has provided industry leading advocacy on the topic of diversity, publishing widely cited industry-specific research on the topic of executive and board-level gender diversity. We have helped global companies implement diversity programmes and initiatives to improve their diversity recruiting and workforce inclusion. 

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