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Health Economics & Market Access

There used to be a time when the pinnacle of the clinical development process was gaining Marketing Authorisation and the product was handed over to the sales and marketing team for commercialisation. However, with government budgets being constrained, an extra hurdle has been placed on the track to commercialisation – Pricing and Reimbursement approval.

The introduction of Health Technology Assessments as part of gaining pricing reimbursement status has led to the development of Health Economics & Outcomes Research jobs. This relatively new science has developed over the last 15-20 years and has increased in importance. Originally working on late stage clinical trials or post-approval studies tended to be retrospective, now the HEOR teams are becoming strategically involved earlier in the development process to ensure that the required data is being collected whilst the pivotal trials are being conducted.

Liftstream supports the range of Health Economics and Market Access jobs which are central to the industry. Experience and skill sets required for these jobs can be extremely technical when developing statistical models for the disease areas and treatment models (Health Economics) through to a commercial focus when developing tools for the salesforce (Market Access), including a combination of both for the HTA submission (Health Outcomes). Liftstream possesses knowledge of these different careers and experience profile and as such is able to support its clients recruitment across all Health Economics, Pricing Reimbursement and Market Access job openings.

With demand high, quality candidates are in short supply. Liftstream with its extensive network and highly developed selection process, which examines both technical and cultural fit, is ideally placed to attract transformational candidates who can build a compelling case for pricing approval.

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