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Pharmacovigilance is a very important part of the life sciences market. It is the science of gathering reported incidents of adverse effects in the use of medicines. By collecting this information, it is possible to identify previously unidentified issues that might be associated with a particular medicine, the way in which it is administered or any other effect which might be associated with using a medicine or device.

The importance in ensuring the highest capability exists to monitor and track pharmacovigilance events has resulted in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies making substantial efforts to improve the resources of this function. It is not only good practice to ensure the highest possible safety for patients, but is also a regulatory requirement. In Europe and the US, both the EMA and FDA have clear regulatory guidance on how companies must collect and report pharmacovigilance cases. In other countries, National Health Authorities have their own pharmacovigilance regulations, sometimes following either European or US guidance.

With recent evolutions in the regulations in Europe, there are increasing demands to recruit pharmacovigilance, drug safety, medical information or medical writing professionals who can fulfil the pharmacovigilance jobs across the life sciences industries. A career in pharmacovigilance or drug safety is very rewarding and can now progress to other jobs in the pre-clinical, clinical or post-marketing areas of the industry.

Liftstream has a sustained track record of supporting the recruitment of professionals for pharmacovigilance jobs and it remains a continued area of focus. Our knowledge of this skill area is highly developed and we can provide support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device companies with pharmacovigilance jobs to an executive level. 

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