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Public Affairs, Policy & Advocacy

A feature of the pharmaceutical and life science industry is in needing to constantly engage with the many stakeholders involved in bringing new therapies to patients and improving healthcare. These stakeholders are very much involved in ensuring that the legislative and regulatory frameworks for everything from research and development, through to marketing approval, compliance and patient access are in place.

External stakeholders can take the form of many different groups, from patient organisations, industry bodies, regulators, HTAs, governments, clinicians and KOLs, academia and action groups. The Life Science industry has increasingly employed talented and experience professionals who have experience of carrying out job roles which are targeted at areas like patient advocacy, public affairs and health policy. These people are recruited to ensure they are across all of the issues dominating the landscape relating to their field from either a pharmaceutical or medical devices perspective. They can carry out clear lobbying activities in areas like government affairs, work with HTAs and regulators to improve patient and market access to new drugs and products, engage with KOLs to facilitate more effective clinical strategies or possibly work in cross-industry initiatives to improve the way in which standards or best practice is set. They can manage the way in which pharmaceutical and medical device companies communicate with the external market through effective Public Affairs strategies.

Liftstream has worked with many companies across the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics markets to recruit specific job roles which centre on these career areas of public affairs, advocacy and policy. As the life science industry stakeholders work together to strive for new innovation and so better drugs and therapies for patients, this need to find specialised expertise to fulfil the considerable job responsibilities created by these demanding advocacy and policy careers and public affairs jobs increases. Liftstream has responded to this skill demand by providing these specialist professionals to a range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology clients.

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