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There are many functions which are important to the progression of the life sciences industry but arguably research is the most critical of these. This is an industry who’s success hinges on the quality and speed of its scientific research and innovation. The discovery and development of new drug candidates is the very lifeblood of every pharmaceutical and biotechnology company worldwide.

Similarly, when you look towards the medical device and diagnostics sectors, the level of research investment and the skills shown in developing new technologies and products which transform the lives of patients are fundamental to the sustained success of the medical device and diagnostic organisations.

Liftstream is experienced in recruiting leadership and executives across the research functions, helping our clients access the capabilities of visionary innovators who can help them research and develop transformational products.

Looking across the different sectors of the industry; pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology as well as the service sector, high quality research executives are constantly in demand. Liftstream recognises that highly experienced research executives have the potential to make significant contributions to innovative breakthroughs and we focus on recruiting these people. 

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