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The services sector is fundamentally important to the successful functioning of the other sectors Liftstream serves; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and medical diagnostics. The most vivid example of this is the Clinical Research Organisations, who have grown considerably over the past years and now are a key feature of the drug and device development markets. The trend towards outsourcing has remained consistently strong and this shows little sign of abating. The pharmaceutical industry has chosen to place its clinical and regulatory management increasingly in the hands of CROs and the biotechnology sector is highly dependent on these service companies to support pre-clinical, early phase drug development programmes.

Elsewhere, the service offerings of CMOs, CSOs, Regulatory Consultancies, Market Access and Pricing Reimbursement Consulting, Strategy Consultancy, Intellectual Property and a myriad of other service providers address every aspect of the life sciences market.

Service companies often face very specific resourcing and recruiting challenges that pertain to their business models. Liftstream provides strategically developed and tailored recruiting approaches which accommodate these distinct challenges and offer winning solutions. 

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