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We are passionate about shaping the future way people work and live.

It is our mission to create a working world in which people with diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge can achieve their fullest potential in accelerating science and technology innovation for human health.

Liftstream is applying its expertise in corporate governance, leadership and organisational culture to bring forward people strategies that propel the sustainable success of our clients. Liftstream Board Appointments and Advisory, Executive Search, and Diversity & Inclusion consulting unlock valuable strategic and operational opportunities.

People are crucial for the impressive developments in life sciences, and material to a companyís success. In the context of widespread workplace transformations, companies have to adapt to the changing preferences of the highly-skilled workforce to hire and retain them. Stakeholders increasingly correlate effective management of a companyís employees with performance, and are placing greater emphasis on related indicators. Liftstream is the external-partner able to inform and organise effective responses to a companyís people-related matters.

Liftstream is an award-winning leader on diversity and inclusion in the life sciences sector, having published cited research and driven industry change. Our inclusive values are present in all that we do. We seek to listen and understand, to share, to engage our community, to enhance working cultures, and raise leadership and governance excellence to new levels.


  • Improving healthcare for current and future generations

  • Producing effective people strategies

  • Making inclusion part of everything we do 

  • Shaping workplace transformation 

  • Raising leadership and governance excellence 

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