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The success of the life sciences sector depends upon the combination of financial capital, scientific research and people to bring about innovative approaches for helping patients throughout the world. For the industry to thrive it often requires international collaborations, with ideas and resources being utilised globally.

Driving the global advance of innovation is a constellation of tightly-bound regional industry clusters; where business, academia, government, finance, infrastructure and talent interchange to great effect.

Liftstream has engaged the most prevalent bioscience clusters to understand the characteristics of the leadership talent that populates these regional hot-spots. We're able to offer our clients and candidates access to the tremendous board director and management opportunities that these industry biotech clusters provide.

Take a tour of the following profiles and connect with us regarding the clusters of greatest interest to you.

UK and Ire.

  Oxford Biotech Cluster 15 January 2013

  Cambridge Biotech Cluster 09 December 2012

  London Biotech Cluster 12 November 2012

  Stevenage Biotech Cluster 12 November 2012

USA and Canada

  Boston Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

  San Francisco Biotech Cluster - Bay Area 29 January 2014

  San Diego Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

  New Jersey Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

  New York City Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

  Seattle Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

  Philadelphia Biotech Cluster 04 June 2013

   Toronto Canada Biotech Cluster 29 January 2014


  Biopolis - Singapore 29 October 2012

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