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Biotechnology has been responsible for bringing some of the most effective drug therapies to patients. Biotechnology is producing critical innovation in new technologies like antibody drug development, gene editing, immunotherapies and synthetic biology, many of which are producing the scientific understanding behind some of the most promising medical breakthroughs.

There are many ways in which biotechnology has advanced but it has often been visionary science and entrepreneurial endeavour which has enabled these new technologies to feature so prominently in today's healthcare landscape.

Liftstream has been working with biotechnology companies since our foundation in 2003 to provide effective approaches to creating the best possible leadership teams capable of bringing these scientific and technological developments to the benefits of patients. Liftstream has partnered some of the most progressive biotechnology companies and recruited board directors, executive leaders and highly reputable scientific staff to enable our clients to pursue their vision and fulfill their opportunity.

Our ability to identify the right mix of professional capabilities, perspectives and cultural characteristics makes Liftstream a strong partner for biotechnology companies as they plan their leadership requirements, today and into the future. 

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