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As the news bolted through the International news wires earlier this year that Pfizer intends to close its research and development site in Sandwich, Kent, UK, it began to emerge that many lives would be impacted as a result of this decision. For good or bad, people would have to make decisions about their futures. And of course Pfizer are not alone in their announcement, the Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences industries are constantly witnessing acquisitions, mergers, restructures, reallocation of resources, geographic realignments and so on.

In the best of times, people rarely rise from their beds one day and just decide that today they will look for a new job. This change in attitude is usually arrived at by a series of environmental factors, both professional and personal, which lead a person to decide that to meet their individual needs, whether aspirational or not, they really need to consider the possibility of moving on and seeking a new horizon. It is a calculated thought process which is rarely impulsive or rash.

So when the news arrives that you are going to have this decision taken from your control, under timelines that are unclear, it is a very challenging and a very immediate reality to face. For some, who might be relatively recent arrivals, the process of job searching is more vivid to them. For others who might have longer-term associations with the same employer, it is a very uninformed and confusing world in which to be immersed. As nuggets of information percolate you are inclined to continually revise your decisions. Do you go now and if so, how? Do you wait and see if there are possibilities elsewhere within the company? How soon will you be required to go? What is the employment market like for someone with your skills? How long will it all take? Should you focus on particular areas or keep a broad perspective? How do you write a CV or prepare for interviews? Which companies are good, which are less so for someone with your skills and ambitions?

These questions and more have been posed at Liftstream many times by new job seekers forced to market. People who wish to prepare themselves for the events to come following a sudden announcement about job layoffs or the consequences of mergers and acquisitions. Over the next few posts, Liftstream will present a ten point plan to help you figure it all out and set yourself on a path towards a more prosperous future.

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