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Laser Like Focus #3

#3 of Getting Ready for a Job Change!

The inclination of most people when they are presented with the opportunity to look towards a new phase in their career, is to think broadly. They want to think that their accumulative experience is so diverse and touches so many disciplines, they are instantly marketable and of inherent value to most employers and in many positions.
Taking time to think through your direction, the criteria on which to base your job search and the particular areas in which you wish to develop, brings laser-like focus to your search process. It means you have acute focus and can make more informed judgements about the roles, companies, locations and opportunities that present themselves. The antithesis of this is to cast your net wide and fill it with things that have been dredged from all quarters of the industry which you will have to sift through in order to arrive at a narrower selection. This process is timely, takes considerable effort and intensive communication, all of which diverts you from more productive exercises. It also has the potential to confuse you and you can begin to question your original intentions.

Optimise your efforts and maximise your credibility with prospective employers, keep it clear and relevant and you’ll harvest positive and accurate opportunities suited to your experience and skills.

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