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Patience is a virtue in career planning #6

    #6 of Getting ready for a job change!
    Looking for a job needs patience. Understandably, losing your job or the likelihood of such an event, is likely to put considerable pressures on anyone. These pressures can be severe in cases as the uncertainty of the situation is often very unsettling, and patience is not a behaviour most prominently displayed. People are given to frustration, indecision, optimism and disappointment, while being patient just feels unnatural. You feel compelled or driven to make things happen. But this should come with a cautionary note. In almost every walk of life, from professional sport, to expeditions and discovery, to an office job, everyone is quite clear that under pressure situations, decisions take a different complexion and the judgements you make are often influenced by these circumstances, often to the detriment.

    Working to a plan and with clear vision for what you wish to accomplish with your career means that you should have clearly established criteria on which to assess each opportunity. It will allow you to more closely assess the suitability of each proposed opportunities, as well as give you better appreciation for the timelines for your job search. We spoke before in this series about the need for clear focus and this patient approach is just another branch of this focused approach. The moment you hit that first bump in the road, a setback, or the search simply doesn’t appear to be operating at a pace you had expected, don’t immediately start to make compromises or concessions on the criteria you defined. Stay focused and work to your strategic career plan. Experts can help you on this, whether they are industry colleagues or recruiting specialists. They can advise whether you are giving yourself too stiffer challenge or if the timelines you’re experiencing are consistent with the market standard. Where timelines are concerned, get to the bottom of the process. Understand how long it is likely to take, how many stages, who is involved and what the decision process is. This will help you realise that timelines are often longer than forecast and it help you retain your motivation towards an opportunity, because prospective employers want to see you building your interest as you go forward.

    Altering your sights can have profound implications for the future by enabling you to find a role that is truly compatible with your experience and aspirations. To arrive in a new role that is ill-fitting is like purchasing a pair of shoes a size to small, you will never really get comfortable and eventually you’ll develop chronic problems for which you’ll seek remedy. So be patient, take the time to seek out the situation that best fits you and will give you the space and opportunity to grow, otherwise you will be back searching again very soon.

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