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Polish up the family silver! #5

#5 of Getting Ready for a Job Change!

Writing a CV is always a task we’d rather postpone until another day…‘Where do you start?
Always a tough process to begin, this much is clear. If like most, you feel more likely to accomplish the task by dusting off the old CV and adding your most recent employment to it, then fine, it can be a good starting point but not necessarily the one that will give you the best outcome. Often your CV is written from a certain experience perspective and simply adding the most recent job doesn’t give adequate weighting to the particular knowledge and experience you possess today. It is most important that you seek feedback. Garner opinion from as many sources as possible and use it, you’ll hopefully end up with a very compelling CV.

However you set about this project, the key thing is to get on with it. Writing your CV will do two things which are vital to the process of job searching. The first is preparedness. Whoever and whenever you speak to someone about a job opening or your job search, they are going to wish to see a CV. Without the CV ready in its developed state, you are just delaying the process, potentially threatening the momentum or reducing your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Secondly, although finding the right content, balance, length and format takes time, the actual process of sitting down and writing up your experience and achievements begins to crystalise your thoughts about where your career has reached. This enables you to form a vision for how you want to go forward in your career. Where are the strengths, gaps, plus points and weaknesses in the CV relative to your career vision?

So work hard on thinking about all those valuable skills and experiences that are locked up in your work history. Make sure the ones you wish to display are shining through and you will be recognised for the capabilities that you can bring to prospective employers.

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