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Recruiting Market Outlook

Many people approach Liftstream when they’re looking for a job and ask the question: What is the recruiting environment like at the moment, are there lots of jobs out there?

Well, this is a pretty tough question to answer. The truth is that many of the assessments that you make about your probability of finding work are contingent on very individual requirements and the levels of flexbility you display. Often, the main factors like experience level, responsibility, pay, location, company, education requirements, qualifications and industry knowledge are what drive the individual assessment process. When you look across these main elements, you can likely see the highly variable ways in which one change to the criteria can dramatically change the outlook for the job opportunities you will likely see.

If you then expand this view and begin to think about the more complex nature of changing jobs, you will see that it becomes increasingly difficult to forecast. In the European life sciences sector it has become very much a commonplace approach to recruit senior roles from the talent sources across the major European markets and in some cases beyond. This creates a very challenging set of circumstances that adds layers of complexity to the recruiting process. For example, International relocations often invite quite difficult calculations around the value of a job offer as it relates to the candidate’s existing remuneration. In moving from country to country, you are clearly likely to encounter a very different tax regime, not always bringing net-benefit. The cost of asset disposal (e.g. property) in your country of origin and the subsequent purchase in your new country can result in lengthy transactions, which bring both disruption and financial burden to either ona lesser or greater extent.
Cost of living is a very difficult area to calculate. Most people at the very least want to retain a very consistent standard of living if they are going to pursue jobs in other countries. While there are cost-of-living indexes, the real cost of goods and services in your destination country will relate to your living style and the preferences that you possess.

As you break down these areas of consideration, it is acutely clear that the complex lives that we often live, financially, logistically and emotionally, mean that we have very many ways in which the process of a job search can be altered. So although there are general indicators to determine if job creation is increasing or not, this does little to determine your own probability of finding work.

It is important to get a sense for where opportunities exist, where the potential barriers could be that prevent you from pursuing the career goal you have mapped out. Much of this forecasting is dependant on the decisions and choices you make, on the individual job preferences and the limitations you have, either professionally or personally. Only then, can this really be set in the context of the market conditions to truly evaluate a clearer picture for the job search success you’re likely to experience.

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