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Sow a Thousand Seeds! #4

#4 of Getting Ready for a Job Change!

We’re not all Tweeters, this much is clear. The explosion of social media doesn’t necessarily provide an instant gateway to all the contacts and sources that you need to orchestrate a career search. Yet it does deliver real opportunities to connect with people, from old colleagues to friends and associates in the same field of expertise. There are so many ways to find a job but essentially connecting with people who can help, advise and support your effort will only do good things for your chances.
Recruiters are not always accessing all the opportunities out there. Increasingly, internal-recruitment policies and sophisticated HR set-ups mean the recruitment can be done in-house, so getting wind of these possibilities requires you to connect with as many people as you credibly can. If you sow a thousand seeds, something will grow out of this.

The only note of caution, be careful not to cross-over and duplicate too much, credibility is important, so manage it well and avoid undermining your efforts.

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