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Stop Looking in the Rear-View Mirror! #2

#2 of Getting Ready for a Job change!

Life in many companies can be highly tumultuous. In the pharma industry it has been dominated by consolidation and restructures for very many years. The business problems that have pervaded the pharma industry have promoted many mergers and acquisitions, as companies strive for stronger pipelines, better market position, economies of scale or synergy savings. The consequence of this is always that decisions need to be made about how you best use your people to leverage their respestive talents, or potentially lose those people that no longer serve your business the advtange you seek.
Sometimes these decisions can seem unjust, even wasteful. They are decision quite often taken in a way that appear without due process or possibly without method, yet they affect your life so profoundly. It can be a devastating blow to lose your job. Whenever or whereever that decision is taken, it becomes incredibly difficult to rationalise – ‘why you?’. Could it be reversed, can be altered, can it even be delayed – these are the question all to frequently promoting themselves . Whichever of these questions are conjuered in your mind, only serves to stir the emotional pot. Business is business, it is sometimes harsh like this and whether you have 20 weeks or 20 years service, you will most likely feel a mix of negative emotions towards the employer to which you’ve given your best. Try not, in fact don’t, be induced into this reflective mindset. Looking back, thinking about what has passed, considering the journey you have come, is a an exercise in reflection that dones little to alter the course of the future.

The rest of your life is still to be fulfilled and today should be the day you start to look towards that. You should be planning and evaluating the ways in which you can continue your progression and to make a positive contribution to the industry you serve. Divorce yourself from the emotion as well as you can, take objective decisions about the future, for the future in now and you’re in it, so shape it how you wish it to be.

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