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Nominations Committees’ Resolutions Series: #3 -Diversity Is not A Buzzword, It Is Fundamental Business

Board composition is a fundamental area that greatly concerns investors, both private and public. Board diversity has been a hot topic for several years. Supporters believe a diverse board significantly reduces blind spots and biases.

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Five Resolutions for Nominations Committees to Improve Board Performance

The New Year brings a period of reflection, what will you change in the year ahead and how will you do it? There are some clear ways in which the effectiveness of the board can be improved by the way in which the nominations and governance committee discharge their responsibilities. Here we listed 5 resolutions for an effective nominations committee.  Click the following links to read detailed articles on each recommendation.

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Liftstream Engages Boston’s Biotech Leaders in Gender Diversity

Engaging talented leaders is an issue facing the biotech industry in almost any life sciences cluster you care to look. At the executive level competition for CEOs, R&D, Finance, Medical and BD executives is fierce, but equally so at the board level, the search for talent is far-reaching. This search for talent is acutely felt in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Kendall Square has become a battle ground for high caliber leaders, spilling out to companies throughout the wider Boston and Massachusetts vicinity.

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Celgene Board Diversifies Above Key 30% Mark

Celgene has announced the appointment of Julia Haller, M.D, to the Board of Directors. The appointment means Celgene now has three females on the board and reaches a 33% ratio of women non-executive board directors, a critical mass that is likely to drive a significant advantage for the way in which Celgene is governed and also contribute to a sustainable level of diversity. With strong advocates for gender diversity on its board, such as Michael Bonney and Richard Barker, Celgene is showing that it is very much possible to create a gender diverse board of directors in biotechnology.

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