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The diversity agenda

Workplace diversity occupies a prominent position on the corporate agenda. The arguments for are complex, yet compelling. As a company used to preparing shortlists of executive talent based on merit, Liftstream has been committed to diversity since our inception in 2003.

On 8th March 2011, International Women’s Day, Liftstream announced it will be looking for significant contributors from across the Life Sciences sectors, and multiple geographical regions, to submit several ‘Thought Leadership’ articles on the topic of diversity in the workplace, heightening awareness of the important diversity issues that pervade corporate leadership and human resources management.

Liftstream would welcome your contribution if you feel you have something that highlights the relevance of diversity in business today.

But why is Liftstream concentrating on this issue?
Well, bringing business leaders to the debate amplifies the message and positively influences opinion about diversity. This is such a big topic, with differing opinions that will be influenced by many environmental factors, it is important to continually find fresh ideas, voices and perspectives that will push the agenda forward. Liftstream has access to many influential leaders from across the life sciences sector, including biotechs, healthcare, pharma and venture financing. This access will allow us to encourage these leaders to add their voices and shape the argument.

In offering your leadership to this debate, we believe strongly that your business will also benefit from being viewed as a diversity employer and identified as a company that encourages those of all races, gender, ages, disabilities and religions to contribute equally in bringing success to your company.

Your article will be featured on the Liftstream website or blog and given promotion to the many thousands of job seekers, managers and HR professionals we attract each month from the life sciences sector. By giving your contribution this level of visibility, we think you will impress and attract many industry relevant professionals to your company for the first time, as well as be recognised for the values you or your company hold.

In the first in the series of these ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ articles, we talk to the prominent international business women, Lucy P Marcus. Lucy gives us her thoughts why ‘Boardroom Diversity means Better Business’.

Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting Ltd. (, an organisation committed to fostering sustainable success for funding organisations. She works with clients from around the world in venture capital and private equity funds, institutions and corporations to help them create robust businesses with strong foundations for their funding efforts, and to ensure that they are recognised as smart and good money in what is a competitive and challenging funding environment. Lucy sits on a number of boards, including servingas non-executive chair of the Mobius Life Sciences Fund, chair of the Mobius Life Sciences Fund Investment Panel, and non-executive director and chair of the board audit committee of BioCity Nottingham. She is a prolific writer on global economic trends and best practices for non-executive directors and corporate boards, venture capital, entrepreneurship, biotech, cleantech, and women in business, and regularly speaks on these topics to diverse audiences around the globe. She can be found on Twitter at @lucymarcus.

You can get in contact with someone at Liftstream ( if you want to talk about an idea you would like to put forward to this ‘diversity’ series.

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