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Board Director and CEO Compensation and Governance Report

The Board Director and CEO Compensation and Governance 2015 Report was a study of the Biotechnology Cluster of San Diego and 44 of the prominent publicly listed companies. San Diego is a very fertile environment for biotechnology innovation, much of which originates from many of the small and medium size biotechnology companies who sit alongside academic and research institutions. 

Liftstream studied these San Diego companies to look for particular trends and patterns among the executive management and board of directors, leading to improved understanding of the local leadership ecosystem and its contribution to innovation. The report captures the prominent data we generated from this broader study in this; Board Director and CEO Compensation and Governance 2015 Report. 
This report details compensation data for all of the board of directors, including that which is awarded to the position of Chair, Chair of Committees, and the respective committee membership fees too. It  examines year-over-year data for CEO pay, looking at both basic and total compensation from 2012-2014 and how these compensation packages are structured. 
The report also looks in detail at board composition factors, such as; board size, average ages, age distribution, tenure, gender and qualifications, as well as board refreshment among the study companies. 

Who should download the report?

  • Chairman of Private and Public Biotech Companies
  • Chair or Members of Board Committees (Compensation and Nomination)
  • CEO of Private and Public Biotech Companies
  • Investors
  • Non-Executive Board Directors 
  • C-Suite Executives Evaluating Board Opportunities
While the report focuses on San Diego in California, it provides data which can be applied to other states and internationally focused companies with interests in North America.

Reasons to Buy the Report:

Intelligence on Board Director and CEO compensation in public biotechnology companies in San Diego.
Conduct Peer-Group benchmarking by Market Cap. 
Benchmark the competitiveness of compensation with San Diego, a major life science cluster.
Review compensation trends of CEO pay over a 3 year period (2012-2014).
Gain competitive insight to the remuneration structures and policies of your Board of Directors and respective Committees.
Insight to the composition of the Board of Directors and Board Committees.
Benchmark your board of directors on factors of; compensation, diversity, age, education, tenure and refreshment.
Evaluate the gender diversity of the 44 public company board of directors and CEOs in the study.

If you would like to know more details about the report or to request your copy, please contact us at quoting LSDR15 


Introduction to the Report

Contents of 2015 Report: Board Director and CEO Compensation and Governance (San Diego Biotechnology Cluster) 

Total Report: 31 Pages

Executive Summary 

1.0 Introduction 

1.1 About the report 

1.2 Methodology 

2.0 Board and Executive Compensation 

2.1 CEO compensation 

2.2 Board Director compensation 

3.0 Board Composition 

3.1 Board size 

3.2 Gender composition 

3.3 Age composition 

3.4 Board tenure 

3.5 Board educational level 

3.6 Board independence 

3.7 Board refreshment 


References and endnotes 

Charts, Tables and Graphs:

Fig.1.1 The distribution of IPO year

Fig.2.1 CEO basic salary ($) 2012-2014 by market cap

Fig.2.2 CEO basic salary ($) year-over-year change 2012-2014

Fig.2.3 CEO salary ($) 2012-2014 by market cap

Fig.2.4 2014 CEO salary ($) by market cap

Fig.2.5 CEO total compensation ($) 2012-2014

Fig.2.6 CEO total compensation ($) year-over-year percentage change 2012-2014

Fig.2.7 CEO total compensation ($) 2012-2014 by market cap

Fig.2.8 2014 CEO total compensation ($) by market cap

Fig.2.9 2014 Non-executive Director retainer fees by market cap ($)

Fig.2.10 2014 Board chair retainer fees ($) by market cap

Fig.2.11 2014 Comparison of committee chair retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.12 2014 Audit committee chair retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.13 2014 Audit committee retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.14 2014 Compensation chair retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.15 2014 Compensation committee retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.16 2014 Nomination committee chair retainer fees ($)

Fig.2.17 2014 Nomination committee retainer fees ($)

Fig.3.1 Average board director size ($)

Fig.3.2 Percentage of CEOs by gender

Fig.3.3 Percentage of directors by gender

Fig.3.4 Board committees gender diversity

Fig.3.5 Board director age average (mean)

Fig.3.6 Percentage of CEOs aged over 65 years old

Fig.3.7 Age composition by company board

Fig.3.8 Board director age distribution

Fig.3.9 Percentage of directors aged over 70

Fig.3.10 Average board director tenure (years)

Fig.3.11 CEO educational level (higher degrees)

Fig.3.12 Board directors educational level (higher degrees)

Fig.3.13 Percentage of combined Chairman and CEO role

Fig.3.14 Non-executive and executive directors as percentage of total board population

Fig.3.15 Board refreshment

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