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Board Directors / Non-Executive Directors

Liftstream is experienced in managing human capital issues of the board of directors, whether its the appointment of executive directors, non-executive and independent directors, or if it is dealing with issues of board composition, succession planning, governance structures, or board effectiveness and performance evaluation.

Companies have many reasons to change or augment a board of directors. A biotech company doing an IPO might wish for a change of composition and more independent board members. A commercial stage pharmaceutical company preparing for its first drug launch might need a board that better reflects its strategy. Perhaps a medical device company which still has many of the founding members of the board needs to orchestrate an orderly succession of several board members towards a more relevant and diverse board, as it strives for a new phase of innovation and growth.

Whatever the reason, Liftstream stands ready to support your board with the required integration of services, knowledge, research and expertise to transform the board of directors to meet the strategic challenges of the future.

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