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Diversity and Inclusion Services

Our diversity and inclusion consulting services are designed with your company's success and growth in mind. We have used the considerable experience we have in building successful leadership teams, and our position as an international leader in diversity and inclusion advocacy, research, and engagement.

Using our collective insight and expertise, and the power of data and analysis, we work with you to design, build and implement an effective diversity and inclusion strategy that is specific to your organisation and your business aspirations. It will allow your organisation to take full advantage of the business benefits offered by a diverse and inclusive organisation, including:

  • improved recruitment
  • better employee engagement, development, performance and retention
  • reduced costs
  • effective risk management
  • increased innovation
  • stronger brand reputation
  • better access to capital
  • better business performance, including financial returns

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting – 'The Path to Diversity'   


Whatever the status of diversity and inclusion in your company, our bespoke services are designed to futher your journey towards a fully inclusive organisation. Liftstream has developed a detailed framework of actions which companies can adopt to signifcantly improve their diversity and inclusion.

Our framework includes a 4-stage approach with detailed objectives at each important stage: 

  1. Understanding the Landscape
  2. Board and Executive Leadership Engagement
  3. Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Change
  4. Advancing along the Diversity Path 

Building on a foundation of deep expertise and a clear methodology, our use of data, communication, best-practice and analysis will transform diversity and inclusion in your organisation, whatever the size or matruity of your business.  


Looking to diversify your company?

If you’re interested to learn more about how Liftstream can work with you to achieve your diversity and inclusion objectives, please get in touch. 


Looking to diversify your company?

If youíre looking for guidance on how to diversify your company, please get in touch with us to discuss how Liftstream can work with you to achieve your diversity and inclusion objectives.

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