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Effective human capital strategies that seek diversity, and which blend insight, expertise, and inclusiveness, improve business performance and working cultures. At Liftstream, diversity is more than a statement, it is a values system by which we operate. We constantly challenge ourselves to advance our understanding of how diversity and inclusion can provide advantages for our clients, as well as improve the valuable services we provide to them.

Our diversity research has transformed the biopharma sector’s understanding of diversity and how it can improve business performance. Liftstream continues to translate this research and advocacy into action, through industry-wide initiatives, community engagement and client projects that deliver sustainable change.

Clients can access our market-leading diversity expertise to create, expand or improve their diversity and inclusion human capital strategies.

Diversity Research from Liftstream:

Diversifying the Outlook – The X&Y of Biotechnology Leadership (2014)

Investing in Biotechnology Management (2015)

Board and CEO Compensation and Governance – San Diego  (2016)

A Public Reality for Women in Biotech Boardrooms (2017)

Opening the Path to a Diverse Future (2017) 

UK Life Sciences 2020 Board and Leadership Diversity (2020) 


Insights from Liftstream Diversity Events:

The Board Meeting on Biotech Boardroom Diversity (2016)

Stepping Up to the C-suite and Board (2015) 

See the photos from our Diversity and Inclusion Events: 2017 Event2016 Event and 2015 Event

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