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Liftstream views the medical devices sector with incredible excitement. It is a sector where the practical application of a device can improve a patient's life immeasurably. This impact is growing with the advent of advances in engineering, software, wireless and mobile technologies, as well as improvements in composite materials like plastics, metals or fabrics. The convergence of industries and technical disciplines offer considerable opportunities in medical devices and medical technology. Fulfilling these opportunities demands that companies can assimilate leaders with the specialised skills and experience required to drive the strategy and technical innovation needed in an advancing field. 

Liftstream is an expert in the medical devices field and understands these evolving but necessary experience requirements. Our experience of hiring new management for our clients, appointing board directors, or focusing on issues of team composition and culture, makes Liftstream a leading company in the provision of board advisory and executive search consulting to medical device companies.

Medical devices are an invaluable part of the healthcare system and significantly improve the quality of patient's lives around the world. Liftstream continues being a preferred partner for attracting the brightest and most innovative leaders from across the globe to lead these excellent companies. 

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