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Medicon Valley - Denmark and Sweden

Scandinavia has long been one of the most attractive regions for people seeking work in the life sciences. In particular, Liftstream is often asked about the job possibilities that countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland can present, alongside the highly attractive quality of living and diversity that these countries can offer.

Scandinavia has long been one of the most attractive regions for people seeking work in the life sciences. In particular, Liftstream is often asked about the job possibilities that countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland can present, alongside the highly attractive quality of living and diversity that these countries can offer.

In this biotechnology cluster profile, Liftstream has chosen to highlight one of the top biotechnology clusters in Europe. Medicon Valley is a cluster that geographically encompasses the greater Copenhagen region and the Skane region of Southern Sweden.

This cluster, spanning two countries that have a commitment to life science industries, presents diversity and a unique environment that is highly attractive to research scientists, academics and all people engaged in the pursuit of scientific and medical breakthroughs. Medicon Valley is a cross-border (Denmark/Sweden) cluster which has been home to companies that have been major contributors in the fight against diseases for cancer, diabetes, inflammation and neurosciences, as well as producing some of the great advances in medical diagnostics and devices. Medicon Valley has attracted some of the brightest talents to work in companies both large and small, as well as contributing significant knowledge and skills to the global market.

When considering a move to any new region to pursue a career, a major consideration is always the onward employment opportunities. Medicon Valley provides an incredibly rich selection of companies with over a hundred biotechnology companies, large R&D pharmaceutical companies such as; AstraZeneca, Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk, as well as exciting innovative companies like Genmab, LEO Pharma and Topotarget. There are multiple medical technology manufacturers behind major innovations in medical devices and diagnostics such as the recent introduction of Dako’s IQSH cancer diagnostic technology. Medical devices have long been one of the key growth areas for Medicon Valley and Coloplast, the global medtech company, are one of a number of global leaders.  All of these life science companies are supported by a developed venture capital, corporate venture capital and financing community, strong connectivity with medical and academic centres and ready access to industry-specific service companies.

Liftstream has identified the strengths to the region as academic excellence, strong scientific skill-base, funding infrastructure, shared scientific resources. These conditions have led to over 100 biotech start-ups launching in Medicon Valley.  The biotechnology community in Medicon Valley is maturing, while Medicon Village is an example of how the sector is adapting to new industry dynamics.

Medicon Village is located in AstraZeneca’s old Lund research site. Medicon Village was established in early 2012 and plans to employ over 900 people in the medical field by 2014.

Diversity and employee equality is an area that sets Scandinavia apart from other biotech hubs. In fact, the countries of Sweden and Denmark score incredibly well in the studies of gender equality, with women being better represented on executive boards than in any other European country outside Scandinavia. It is also true that the tax regimes in Sweden and Denmark along with cost-of-living, remain high relative to other European averages. Yet, each scores incredibly well in quality-of-living surveys, with Copenhagen coming third and Stockholm eleventh in the 2012 ‘most liveable cities index’ in 2012 (Monocle – The Most Liveable Cities Index, 2012), something Liftstream recognises is extremely important to many professionals.

Liftstream feels that Medicon Valley presents an exciting opportunity to be at the heart of Europe’s life science industry surrounded by the resources, infrastructure and scientific innovation to be highly successful. The cultures of both Sweden and Denmark are both extremely attractive and the opportunity to find a job in one of these countries and enjoy a prosperous and exciting career while enjoying a quality life, is surely a proposition worth exploring.

Medical Centres in Medicon Valley:


  • Center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy
  • Center for Diabetes and Stem Cell Research
  • Biomedical Center, BMC
  • Copenhagen BioCenter
  • Biotech Research & Innovation Center
  • SweGene-Proteomics Center
  • Clinical Competence Center
  • Wallenberg Neuroscience Center
  • Steno Diabetes Center
  • The Serum Institute
  • The Swedish and Danish Cancer Societies
  • Malmö Clinical Research Center


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Facts about Medicon Valley Cluster  

  • 44,000 people employed in life science sector
  • 5,000 dedicated life science researchers
  • 350 biotechnology and medtech companies
  • Over 50 services companies
  • 26 hospitals
  • 12 internationally recognised research facilities

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