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The pharmaceutical industry continues to undergo a considerable transformation in its search for innovation. While in-house R&D remains a strategic pillar of pharmaceutical companies, the emergence of a thriving biotechnology sector has created significant opportunities to acquire or license new technologies or drug programmes from outside the organisation, as well as continue to work closely with academia and research institutions. 

The move towards open innovation requires building a company with people who have the right skills and experience for the future, and a culture where employees are ready to give their best discretionary efforts. Liftstream works with pharmaceutical companies to identify and appoint the board directors, as well as the executive leaders necessary to deliver the strategy and bring success in this evolving and dynamic business environment. 

The importance of human capital and the intellectual and social value people bring to pharmaceutical companies is highly evident, and these enterprises must access the diverse skills, experiences and perspectives of people right across the talent supply market. Liftstream has deep expertise creating inclusive and equitable working cultures which it contributes to enabling pharmaceutical companies to attract, retain and develop people with diverse backgrounds. 

Liftstream is a recruiting and consulting partner to pharmaceutical companies who are progressively shaping a modern working culture that is innovation-led, with diverse people able to contribute fully to helping patients. 

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