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The pharmaceutical industry is finding new models and opportunities to improve their ability to innovate and to make a difference to patient’s lives. This perpetual transformation requires new skills and proven leadership capabilities which Liftstream recruits for clients by providing our sector-specific pharmaceutical executive search recruitment service for board and management positions. 

Pharmaceutical companies require people who can find ways to innovate through new technologies and rapidly emerging scientific opportunities. Accessing external innovation is also a modern imperative for pharmaceutical companies and so requires highly collaborative, globally minded professionals. The sector also faces considerable pricing pressure from healthcare systems around the world and so leaders must employ innovative approaches to the commercial business too, with growing applications for big-data, real-world evidence and integrated healthcare. 

This variety of challenges demands that pharmaceutical companies leverage the full diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives the global talent supply has to offer. Liftstream, through its work with companies to enhance the value of diversity and inclusiveness, is able to support pharmaceutical companies in shaping their culture towards greater inclusivity. 

Our range of services are able to specifically address the people strategies that are important to bring about better business performance and higher levels of innovation. 

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