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Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs

Liftstream has provided recruitment services to orphan drug market since we were founded over a decade ago, giving us unique insights into the business models and the unique experience and skills needed to work in rare diseases. Liftstream has supported some of the most innovative rare disease companies and provided executives, board directors and senior scientific/medical staff to enable these companies to develop. 

Technological advances in areas like enzyme replacement therapy, RNAi and gene therapy, have given some patients with rare diseases hope of new treatment options. But for many, diagnosis of their rare disease is the biggest hurdle they face. There is increased investment into medical diagnostics too, with genome/phenome, ontologies, sequencing and model organism approaches all beginning to promise a future with more effective rare disease diagnosis.

Rare Disease research and drug development present a number of very unique challenges. From the discovery and pre-clinical stages through the clinical and regulatory pathway, the experience requirements in rare diseases can be very specific.  In a dynamic and pressured payer environment, very considerable pricing reimbursement and market access difficulties lie ahead for approved orphan drugs. Commercially launching a rare disease drug also has very particular requirements which must be understood and overcome.

Liftstream has a global network of executives and leaders capable of adding immediate value to a rare disease company and we can also find the critical experience you require for your company. Liftstream has been providing rare diseases executive search since we founded in 2003, meaning our rare diseases expertise is unrivalled and so Liftstream should be your executive recruitment partner in the patient-centric and multi-stakeholder rare disease business.  

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