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Venture Financing Due Diligence

The Client:

Our client was a major European investor

The brief:

To conduct a thorough due diligence of the board of directors and the senior management team of a platform therapeutics biotechnology company seeking to raise a significant financing round from the private market which would value the company in excess of $1bn.


We conducted a thorough analysis of current and past affiliations of the entire board and executive management.

All possible ‘conflict of interest’ areas were examined and evaluated.

Issues pertaining to legitimacy of experience, behavioural conduct, litigation, negligence and ethics were investigated.

Wide ranging reference interviews were conducted to establish a clear and consistent picture of the individuals.

Special interest areas, such as political donations, compliance or governance breaches were explored.

The Consulting Project:

The project was completed to incredibly tight timelines and to a very high standard. A full and comprehensive report was issued to our client in accordance with their brief and due diligence requirements. Our client was incredibly satisfied with the level of detailed information that was provided and the comprehensiveness of the evaluation. The company was later funded with a significant round of financing totalling several hundred million dollars.

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