Liftstream is an executive search and leadership advisory company.

We focus on building and developing board and leadership teams for life sciences companies. By prioritising people and enabling human capital, we elevate the potential for innovations in patient care through new treatments and better access to medicine.

It is an inspiring time to be working in life sciences. The opportunity to develop transformative medicines and treatments that change lives is highly motivating.

People are critical to achieving an organisation’s success. Our commitment and value to our clients are connecting them with exceptional leaders.

Karl Simpson

Karl Simpson

CEO of Liftstream


At Liftstream, we offer a range of solutions to help life sciences companies maximize their impact. From executive search to human capital management, our services are designed to help you achieve your goals and make a real difference to patients.

We’ve worked with clients and partners in 20+ countries

Elevate your board and leadership career with Liftstream!

We provide senior leaders with counsel and support in managing their careers and identifying new opportunities in executive leadership. 

If you aim to extend your board service career, we can offer advice and guidance in securing additional board director appointments.

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