Leaders Changing Lives

Executive Search

Liftstream helps companies in the life sciences industry find and select effective leaders with the requisite experience and critical human qualities like creativity, judgement, and resilience. We provide more than just an executive search service, offering expertise gained over 20 years to help our clients make the best decisions for their senior management and board appointments.

Our network of industry leaders spans many international markets, with a concentration in Europe and the US. We work closely with clients to understand their business needs and provide strategic advice. We aim to find leaders who can inspire and lead specialised teams, collaborate and innovate in enterprising ways, and engage with stakeholders globally to enhance the organisation’s reputation and success.

With our experience, we can provide the best hiring solution for the company’s leadership needs.


Candidate Assessments

Our track record for serving clients is based on consistently delivering qualified candidates that meet their business requirements. In addition, the candidates must offer benefit and value that is closely aligned with the client’s requirement but, whenever possible, exceed their high expectations.

Delivering this level of service is achievable because of our substantial industry knowledge. Furthermore, our rigorous process for screening and assessing candidates which has been proven to produce positive results.

Our clients can expect us to employ various methods when conducting detailed candidate evaluations. The goal is to establish the candidate’s ability to fulfil their leadership mandate, set against the backdrop of a changing marketplace and the emerging opportunities and risks of the operating environment.

The person will be assessed for their skills, capabilities, and experience relevant to performing the role. Additionally, we examine the core capabilities of the candidate relative to the competencies demanded by the position alongside their leadership characteristics.

For comprehensiveness, we assess the individual’s personality and how they interact with others, and their ability to synchronise with the client’s organisational culture, which are vital determinants of successful selection.


We’ve worked with clients and partners in 20+ countries