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Board Services and Advisory

Liftstream offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist clients in building and developing a high-performing board of directors. While the experience of the individuals sitting around the boardroom table is undoubtedly important, many other factors contribute to the quality and effectiveness of a board. These include the interactions between board members, the board’s engagement with executive management, its governance procedures and structure, its ability to balance strategic opportunities with risks, and its capacity to ensure that all directors remain informed and possess relevant experience. By providing tailored guidance and support in these areas, Liftstream can help clients optimise their boards and enhance their overall performance.


Board Director Appointments and Onboarding

Our experience in appointing board directors has enabled us to develop a structured process for successfully identifying and evaluating board candidates. A deep understanding of the dynamics of boards, the board composition requirements of innovative companies, and expertise in the evolving governance requirements of both private and public companies, make Liftstream a valuable partner for board appointments. This core expertise is further strengthened by a proven and sophisticated competency framework that delivers high-quality outcomes.

Board Evaluation and Planning

Regular board evaluations monitor areas such as board experience, skills and effectiveness in relation to individual directors and the wider board. Assessing factors such as board composition and performance, the board’s established and evolving governance practices, and how directors discharge their duties, can strengthen the board. Liftstream conducts board evaluations, the analysis of which contributes to a more engaged board with enhanced credibility among its stakeholders.

Board Refreshment

A board must evolve and adapt to its emerging strategic opportunities and risks. The experience, skills and perspectives offered by the constituents are integral to meeting these needs. Our experience provides boards with the expertise required to implement refreshment strategies and processes that consider size, composition, diversity, term length or retirement policies, under the direction of a qualified and trusted partner.

Board Committee Development

Board committees serve an important function in addressing the complex and sizeable workload of the board. A board needs a robust committee structure with effective processes that enable delegation, decision making and information flow. Liftstream can advise clients on the initiation of board committees in evolving companies, as well as the development of existing committees and structures. Furthermore, Liftstream has expertise on the appropriate experience and skill composition of board committees and how the role of board committees is evolving to expand their focus on emerging areas of business, governance and risk.

Succession Planning and Management

Managing the succession of members of the board and executive management is a role that can frequently be accomplished with greater efficiency and impact. Liftstream can advise and implement succession planning strategies that address key appointments across the company’s leadership structure.

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