Elevating Human Performance

Human Capital Solutions

The capabilities, knowledge, experience and wellbeing of people, and their motivation to innovate, are material to a life science organisation’s mission and the sustainable value created for stakeholders.

Workforce Composition

The composition of the workforce, including the board and leadership, determines how best to deploy and manage human capital. Liftstream can advise clients on how best to evaluate, plan and utilise composition insights, ranging from skills to demography.

Workforce Stability

We advise leadership on how to measure employees moving in and out of the company, and the associated impact of this, both financial and operational. Deploying more effective human capital strategies can transform employee retention, advancement and costs.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creating a more equitable workplace with diverse employees who feel included is an objective for most companies. Liftstream is a market leader in researching DE&I in life sciences and translating those findings into engagement and actionable frameworks for companies.

Purpose and Engagement

Employee engagement data is often considered the best indicator of a company’s relationship with its employees. Liftstream advises leaders on how a company defines and communicates its purpose and its cultural and values expectations, leading to improved employee engagement and devising suitable inputs to such surveys.

Embedding Innovation

R&D generates considerable innovations in the life sciences industry, but other aspects of the business also innovate. Liftstream enables companies to optimise the people culture that captures ideas and translates these innovations into products, services and business models.

Health and Wellbeing

Effective health and wellbeing programs are correlated with positive associated outcomes across an organisation’s workforce. Liftstream advises boards and leadership on how to devise and embed these best practices.

Human Capital Costs

Employee costs represent a major portion of the intangible assets on a company’s balance sheet. Understanding the cost of deploying human capital and addressing strategic considerations can put a company on a positive trajectory to improve human capital management.