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‘An incredibly stubborn challenge’: Board diversity in U.K. life sciences companies 27-Feb-20  In at least one life-sci hub, gender and diversity initiatives haven’t made a dent 26-Feb-20  The Right Mix Matter in BioPharma Leadership 30-Jan-20  Up and Coming Female Powerhouses 19-Nov-19  These Female Executives Set the Standard of Excellence in the Biohealth Capital Region 27-Aug-19  Pay equity for women CEOs in life sciences gains little ground 14-May-19  Connecting Women Who Are Boardroom Ready 01-Apr-19  MassBio Kicks off internship program to boost socioeconomic diversity in life sciences 31-Jan-19 2018’s Fiercest Women in Life Sciences 05-Nov-18 What will a new California law mean for biotech? Hundreds more women in the boardroom (Subscription) 01-Nov-18 Why and how to close the gender gap in the life sciences 03-Sep-18 The Top 10 highest-Paid Women Executive in BioPharma 18-Aug-18 Top 5 Women Executives in the Biopharma Industry by Compensation 26-Jun-18 Diversity in the biopharma industry makes dollars and sense 25-May-18 Already a stand-out year for gender equality in the UK 18-Apr-18 Liftstream contributes to UK business-led tool kit for gender equality 09-Apr-18 Why can’t the drug industry solve its gender diversity problem? 04-Mar-18 Two’s company, Three’s Diversity 13-Feb-18 Industry Reflected Gold 18-Jan-18 Breaking the Mold – A New Perspective on Alzheimer’s 09-Jan-18 ?Changing Skies: Pharm Exec’s 2018 Industry Forecast 08-Jan-18 More from the Women of Biopharma — Full Measures of Progress 08-Dec-17 New $1 Million Initiative Aims To Boost Women In Biotech 10-Nov-17 Liftstream diversity research features in the Hampton-Alexander Review – FTSE Women Leaders 09-Nov-17 Biotech faces up to its own leadership diversity problem (SF Chronicle) 06-Nov-17 Boston Globe: Why too few women in life sciences is bad for business 21-Sep-17 Few women in life sciences hold top-level positions, study finds 21-Sep-17 Breaking New Ground for Girls 21-Sep-17 MassBio seeks roots of the gender gap in life sciences: 5 takeaways 21-Sep-17 Why are women leaving the life sciences in Massachusetts? New report sheds light on growing gender gap 21-Sep-17 Want to start fixing the gender diversity problem in your biotech company? Put down the silver bullet 21-Sep-17 Women Eschew Life Science Companies That Lack Female Leadership 21-Sep-17 Pharma, biotech and healthcare industries gender gap 13-Jul-17 Why does UK biotech struggle to generate leaders? 12-Apr-17 Two new venture funds, two new women at the top 17-Mar-17 Hiring Women Execs in Biotech VCs is a Money Ball Play (Pt. 2) 17-Feb-17 Boardroom bound: Efforts to bring more women into biomed industry’s top ranks 07-Feb-17 Hiring Women Execs in Biotech VCs is a Money Ball Play: Getting Better Returns (Pt. 1) 03-Feb-17 Best Practices for Closing the Gender Gap (podcast) 30-Jan-17 REPORT: BIOTECH GENDER DIVERSITY STILL LAGGING 25-Jan-17 JP Morgan Executive Roundtable Part 2: Women in Biopharma and the Path Forward 25-Jan-17 JP Morgan Roundtable Part-1: How to Help Women Move into The Biopharma CSuite 24-Jan-17 Women Making Progress Slowly Biotech Boards 24-Jan-17 Women are Gaining More Board Seats in Biotech but Real Change is Happening at a Snail’s Pace 24-Jan-17 Women in the biotech boardroom? Parity could take decades 24-Jan-17 10 surefire ways to improve gender diversity in biopharma 12-Jan-17 BioPharma leaders call for gender diversity 12-Jan-17 JPM: 100 biopharma execs take gender-diversity pledge 12-Jan-17 Women in biotech: Out on the frontline 05-Jan-17 ?Venture firm Third Rock raises $616M fund, names female partner 19-Dec-16 What is the XX factor? Virginia event to highlight women in biotech 16-Sep-16 Biotech boardrooms: the benefits of gender diversity 05-Sep-16 20 Executives Selected for Women in Bio’s First Boardroom Ready Class 23-Aug-16 MassBio takes a step toward addressing biotech’s gender gap 10-Aug-16 Is UK biotech facing a Brexit brain drain? 14-Jul-16 Women demand more clout in biotech. First step? Take charge of the money 26-Jun-16 Few Women At The Top Of San Diego’s Biotech Industry 25-May-16 There’s just one female CEO among San Diego’s public biotechs. Here’s why 25-May-16 Biotech Circa 2015 AD: Where Are The Women? 28-Sep-15 /Biotech-Circa-2015.html Forbes:- A Leadership Imperative: Getting More C-Level Women In Biotech 28-Sep-15 /Forbes-biotech-women.html Liftstream Diversity Research Spurs California Biotech Leadership Event 09-Jun-15 /Diversity-Research-Spurs.html Liftstream gender diversity research cited in article by the Boston Globe 17-Apr-15 /gender-diversity-research.html Diversifying Leadership Teams With People Who Have The X-Factor 31-Mar-15 /diversifying-leadership.html Liftstream report finds 10 men for every woman present in biotech boardrooms 21-Oct-14 /liftstream-report.html

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